Corona Virus Prevention tips for sports players

By Playspots Mar 17, 2020

PlaySpots takes a look into ways you can keep hygiene at the heart of your game

At PlaySpots we understand that sport is a big part of people’s lives and there will be people worrying at home thinking whether you can play sport during these unprecedented times.

At the time of writing the advice is to keep playing sport if you can, one of the biggest protectors against viral disease is exercise; is to be fit and healthy, eat well, run & stay healthy

This is not to say to carry on as usual, but take the following steps and be wary of the news and WHO prevention tips.

1. Quarantine yourself

More importantly, if you are feeling unwell, have a cough, have been in contact or near someone who has recently how is known to have or might have coronavirus, take yourself out of the next game to stop spreading COVID-19 any further then it already has.

2. Keep clean

“Wash your hands regularly, blow your nose with a single-use tissue and throw it in the trash, cough or sneeze into your elbow,” the PSG players advise. The NHS has advised we clean our hands for 20 seconds at a time with sanitizer containing alcohol. To try and pass the time quicker, try singing a song.

3. Do the #coronashake

Scrap the old fashioned handshake and replace this with the Corona shake shown below. Have some fun with this and get creative, it might look more like a celebration, but it prevents the transfer of germs and bacteria.

4. #BreakTheChain

If you are out playing with your friends and feel a sneeze or cough coming on, make sure you block it. Unblocked the sneeze droplets can travel as far as 13ft. Whether it’s a cough or a sneeze make sure you block it with your sleeve or a tissue. NOT YOUR HANDS! BreakTheChain

5. Carry on if you take these steps

In spite of all that’s going on, don’t let this stop you from playing footy or badminton with your friends as exercise will do you good and help boost your immune system. Physical activity will flush bacteria from the lungs and airways. So, based on following the above steps, try to carry on playing.