Why football is the best sport for your child to play?

By Playspots Oct 5, 2019

Is your child Soccer mad? Are they constantly kicking balls around the house and dragging you to the park? 

Giving our children the best possible opportunity to do well in life is perhaps the most important role as a parent. Just like we help our children with their schoolwork it also essential that we guide their interest in other hobbies and physical activities.

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If so then lea sports in Aroor, Alapuzha provides renowned soccer training for players of all abilities from 4 years old to 19 years old as well as coach education programs.

Find a QUALITY Coach!

To allow your child to get the most out of the beautiful game, getting them involved in organised football is essential. This will give them the opportunity to develop and learn with their peers, get valuable game time and access to professional coaching. Whether that be a Soccer Academy, Local Club or School Soccer it must be stressed that coaching element is vital to this.

At Lea Sports we pride ourselves on offering high quality coaching under former Indian captain Carlton chapman take to all levels of talent od players. To find out more information visit Lea Sports