Football Turfs to Book Online in Nagaland

By Playspots Apr 20, 2021

Nagaland is one of the most scenic states in the world and It’s home to diverse indigenous tribes, with festivals and markets celebrating the different tribes’ culture. Tribes migrated at different times, each settling in the northeastern part of present India and establishing their respective sovereign mountain terrains and village-states. These different tribal groups play different games and sports. The most popular indigenous sport of Nagaland is wrestling. But football is never far behind, Nagaland Premier League (NPL) is the top division football league in Nagaland. The aim of the league is to promote football in Nagaland. It is the top-class league game in the entire state. There are 10 clubs that participate in league matches which compete against each other to get the maximum goals and score and finally emerge the winner. The NPL was started in the year 2012 and since then it has been played year after year. 

               There are many football turfs in Nagaland now to nurture such football fans.Sevens football arena located in Kohima is one of the best 7’s/5’s football turf in Nagaland that you can book now through the playspots app. So to make turf booking management easier you can use the best sports ground booking application ‘playspots’. Playspots is the best mobile app for football turf booking, cricket ground booking, badminton court booking, and fitness center booking. It is not only a sports ground booking app but also the best sports booking management software.