Top benefits of enrolling your kids in football training this summer-PLAYSPOTS

By Playspots May 3, 2019

The Beautiful Game has heaps of benefits for kids beyond just burning off their excess energy. Soccer is the most widely participated sporting pass time across the world with over 250 million people playing the game and over 4 billion fans. This is no accident. football has many benefits, especially for young sportsmen and women which this blog is going to share with you


Soccer is a fantastic exercise for young people. “It’s accessible to all, develops a high level of aerobic endurance and muscular ability and requires good strategic thinking.” (US Youth Soccer). Getting involved with Soccer is also a great way to foster a lifelong interest in physical activity, which with the ever-increasing statistics of health-related illnesses due to sedentary lifestyles. It has never been more important.


Social Skills

Many of the advances in technology are now interfering with people’s traditional methods of social interaction. Soccer provides a team-based environment for young people to share experiences of winning, losing, and the fun and banter of competing with friends. Working as part of a group and spending time with their peers will help your children with making social connections that will stay with them throughout their life.

Whether they play with the same group of teammates throughout their time playing soccer or they go off to a youth soccer academy to hone their skills, they’ll be learning how to contribute to a common goal, manage their time, take direction and commands from a coach.


Confidence and Self Esteem

Soccer is a great way for your child to build confidence and build a positive self-image.  Through working hard, winning, and coming to know their own abilities and capabilities, confidence and self-esteem in your children will undoubtedly grow. Studies have shown that regular participation in sporting pastimes from an early age help decrease the risk of mental health issue like depression and decrease the likelihood of children becoming involved in anti-social behaviors like drug use and criminality.

Global Currency

Entering your son or daughter into Soccer is wonderful for their future interactions wherever they may go. Soccer is the world game and can be a common ground for people from all cultures and walk of life. Simply kicking a ball around a beach or talking about your favorite player or team can quickly build relationships where you are in the world.

Football as a team sport has positive motivational and social factors that can facilitate fulfillment and contribute to maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Getting your kids involved in a Soccer this summer isn’t just good for their health now, it develops good fitness habits that stick with them when they grow up.

So there you have it, four great reasons which we hope will get you to give Soccer a with your children this summer. If you are looking for FIFA qualified football grounds based in Kerala, PLAYSPOTS is one of the leading Sports ground bookings application available on both android and ios.