By Playspots Nov 13, 2018

If you’re here, the chances are you like to get out and play sports in your local area.

You want a good place to play that’s easy to access. We’re right there with you. It’s not such a big ask, but we’ve been grinding our teeth for years at the inconvenience of booking good sports facilities. Here’s who we are and the solution we’ve come up with.

So, what’s the problem?
You know how it goes. search for a local facility, ring up and get the answerphone. A few messages later and someone finally calls back: “Sorry dude… We only take bookings at the start of the month.”


You’re not about to give up. Another ground, and this time you get through to a receptionist who signs you up for that evening. Success…

And so it goes on…

Our goal
Above all, we want to increase sports participation in local communities; to achieve this, we’re trying to make the process of booking facilities as easy as possible for players and owners.

We’ve trudged through more answerphone messages, sign-up sheets, payment problems and double bookings than we can count. It seems absurd. You can book a holiday on your phone in minutes, but it takes an hour of phoning and/or form-filling just to arrange a place to play.

An active community is happier and healthier, but, to get out and play, people need high-quality facilities that are easy to use. When more people play, local facilities are better funded and able to develop; we want to help create this upwards spiral.

Drawing on our experience and contacts, we’ve come up with an online platform that simplifies the process of booking a ground on both sides.

For players
Head to playspots, search through a wide range of sports facilities to find the right option for you, pick a time, pay… and that’s it; you’re ready to go.

All facilities have profiles with pictures and relevant information. The process is the same for all pitches. No double bookings, no phone calls, no outdated payment methods. Book any time of day or night. Just click and play.

For owners
Playspots can relieve the considerable administrative burden of managing bookings and make facilities more accessible and profitable. We have a proven record of efficiently increasing usage. For more detailed information on our solution, please look here.