byplayspots|Nov 29 2018|Blog

Malabar is a mixed hue, to say the least. It contains a real melange of different cultures, ethnicities, However, one thing you can say about the Malabar is that it offers a huge number of football turfs, open spaces, and sports grounds and what we’re most interested. Check out these Artificial football venues Calicut have to offer. SINCERE SOCCER ARENA Sincere soccer arena, located in Perumanna, This is a state of turf to play football...

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byplayspots|Nov 19 2018|Blog

Indian super league is Indian men’s super league in India For sponsorship reasons, the league is officially known as the Hero Indian Super League. One of the top football league in the country it currently shares the top spot in the Indian football league system with the I-League. The league is contested by 10 teams and will run from September to March during the 2018–19 season. Here are some interesting facts about ISL 1.world fourth...

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byplayspots|Oct 30 2018|Blog

The sports field should be well maintained irrespective of the season you are in. Therefore, whether a Football pitch or your clubs cricket ground, it is important to know the all season artificial field maintenance tips. As you know, the artificial grass demands less maintenance compared to the natural grass fields. However, this does not mean you should not take good care of the artificial sports field throughout the season. In this article, we review...

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byplayspots|Dec 06 2018|Blog

Do you want to play five a side Soccer with your friends? Do you know how to spot the perfect pitch? We have put together a quick and easy to understand guide which will help you identify the best five’s pitches so you can play the beautiful game. Knowing what to look for when choosing a pitch is important to maximize your fun, safety. This checklist will help you do just that: 1. Choose a...

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byplayspots|Nov 02 2018|Blog

Though the north Kerala region or Malabar, known as the mecca of football in Kerala, home to some of the most diehard fans of the game Literally, everyone in Malabar plays football. They play a format of football called Sevens — the name is borne from the restriction to field only seven players in each side to make the game more gripping — popular alongside in Kerala. The duration of the game is only one...

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byplayspots|Nov 15 2018|Blog

We at Playspots, are passionate about the local sport, whether that means evening knockabouts or competitive matches. As keen footballers – certainly more keen than skilled, few things give us more pleasure during the week than meeting up with friends for kickabouts and sports. Years of touring the facilities in our hometowns–Kozhikode & Malappuram – have given us our fair share of insight into turf access on a local level, and we know the situation...

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byplayspots|Nov 09 2018|Blog

Here are some prep notes for how your team can stamp an impression on any opposition and be raring to go for any football game. It can also be applied to other sports too. 1. Getting out & Do stretching Together Leave the changing room together, especially at away games. It’s a statement of intent if you move as a unit. The time you have to warm up can vary, but there should always be...

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byplayspots|Oct 27 2018|Blog

Playing outdoors provides a whole range of benefits and if you know where to look it doesn’t have to be boring or lonely, but it can be tailored specifically to you. Whether it is a run in a park, an outdoor calisthenics workout or playing some Tennis being outdoors had so many benefits. So here are five reasons to exercise outside. 1. Great for the mind Multiple studies have shown that outdoor workouts can reduce mental...

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byplayspots|Dec 28 2018|Blog

Needless to say, whilst being great on the ball will be the primary reason you are currently playing where you are if you want to make an impact on a match you are clearly going to have to be effective off the ball. MATCH DEMANDS 90 minutes (plus added time) usually see players cover approximately 10km in a match. Players often reach speeds of over 30km/h and have anywhere from 700-1000 changes of direction! You...

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byplayspots|Nov 13 2018|Blog

If you’re here, the chances are you like to get out and play sports in your local area. You want a good place to play that’s easy to access. We’re right there with you. It’s not such a big ask, but we’ve been grinding our teeth for years at the inconvenience of booking good sports facilities. Here’s who we are and the solution we’ve come up with. So, what’s the problem? You know how it...

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