byPlayspots|Dec 28 2018|Blog

Needless to say, whilst being great on the ball will be the primary reason you are currently playing where you are if you want to make an impact on a match you are clearly going to have to be effective off the ball. MATCH DEMANDS 90 minutes (plus added time) usually see players cover approximately 10km in a match. Players often reach speeds of over 30km/h and have anywhere from 700-1000 changes of direction! You...

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byPlayspots|Nov 13 2018|Blog

If you’re here, the chances are you like to get out and play sports in your local area. You want a good place to play that’s easy to access. We’re right there with you. It’s not such a big ask, but we’ve been grinding our teeth for years at the inconvenience of booking good sports facilities. Here’s who we are and the solution we’ve come up with. So, what’s the problem? You know how it...

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byPlayspots|Oct 09 2018|Blog

Here are the benefits of artificial turf’s over natural grass The combination of artificial turf and football is a binomial that offers multiple advantages. While some purists of this sport are reluctant to use, in fact, there are more and more soccer fields around the world that enjoy its advantages. Get to know them more thoroughly. One of the first reasons to choose artificial turf in football is economic. In fact, the annual cost of...

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