Local Guide to India Futsal Pitches

By Playspots Jan 17, 2024

Through decades of football’s evolution, various game variations have emerged, all rooted in the simplicity of a single requirement: just a ball. The enduring passion for this sport has kept enthusiasts connected in diverse ways—some fortunate enough to play on its grandest stages, while others play pivotal roles in elevating players to those heights.

Count us among the latter. Our profound love for the game fueled the birth of playspots, uniting turfs to enhance the football community. This same passion incentivized you with the idea to construct a futsal ground and we are here to aid you in fulfilling your goals by giving you a better idea about the structure of futsal grounds.

Numerous incidents have come to our attention indicating that the futsal grounds have overstated the size of the ground. For instance, there are situations where the ground allows for 7-a-side, but when two teams, each with seven players, show up, they discover that the space is insufficient for them to play together. The inconsistencies in the futsal ground’s size which led to confusion while labeling a ground have motivated us to write this post. This post encapsulates certain standards to keep in mind while building a turf that has contributed to the success of the business’s growth.

Why should you follow this guide?

  • We have curated this guide based on the feedback of our customers.
  • It’s based on the 5 years of data and experience of the playspots.
  • It is customized based on turfs in Indian terrain.

The suggestions provided below aren’t based on international standards, rather they focus on our interaction with our customers because, at the end of the day, the factor that would make them return to your turf is the comfort they felt while they were on your turf.

5-a-side Futsal Ground:

Local Guide to India Futsal Pitches

Measuring 35 meters in length and 22 meters in width, the compact nature of a 5-a-side futsal ground presents unique challenges and opportunities. Goal posts with a width of 3 meters, a 6-meter-diameter goalkeeper circle, and a 2-meter-diameter first touch circle at the center create an environment that
emphasizes close ball control and strategic play.

6-a-side Futsal Ground:

Local Guide to India Futsal Pitches

Expanding the dimensions to 45 meters in length and 30 meters in width, the 6-a-side futsal ground maintains the essence of compact gameplay. With wider goalposts and a designated goalkeeper circle, this format provides an ideal setting for dynamic player rotations, tactical maneuvers, and precise ball control.

7-a-side Futsal Ground:
Local Guide to India Futsal Pitches

Sharing dimensions with the 6-a-side but featuring slightly wider goal posts (3.66 meters), the 7-a-side futsal ground adds a layer of complexity to the game. Strategic plays, smooth substitutions facilitated by a 3-meter wide hallway, and technical proficiency emphasized by the 2-meter-diameter first touch circle make this format an intriguing choice for turf businesses.

9-a-side Futsal Ground:
Local Guide to India Futsal Pitches

With a minimum area of 54m x 36m, the 9-a-side format blends futsal’s speed with traditional soccer’s strategy. Wider goalposts (5m), a spacious goalkeeper circle, and a well-positioned first-touch circle offer a dynamic playing experience, perfect for those seeking a unique fusion of both worlds.

11-a-side Futsal Ground:
Local Guide to India Futsal Pitches

Designed for those seeking to merge traditional soccer with the fast-paced elements of futsal, the 11-a-side futsal ground stands out with dimensions of approximately 60 meters in length and 45 meters in width. With goal posts boasting a standard width of 7.32 meters, a 6-meter-diameter goalkeeper circle, and a spacious first-touch circle at the center, this adaptable format opens the door to a unique blend of soccer and futsal on a larger scale.

Why not cricket too?

Love for sports doesn’t have to be limited to football, the same futsal ground can be used to play cricket. The count of the on-field players changes when it’s cricket when you compare it with football and a slight tweak in the understanding of the turf could easily make you transition from football to cricket.

For instance, in the world of football, the standard 5-a-side game boasts 10 players on the field. Now, let’s shift gears to cricket, where the dynamics alter with only 7 players in action (5 players on the field and 2 opposition batsmen). Considering the players on the field and the space required to play efficiently, we would suggest that the space required for a 7-a-side cricket game could be filled by the space required for a 5-a-side football game. The table below provides a basic idea of how futsal ground can be used for

Local Guide to India Futsal Pitches

Embarking a new journey

The futsal ground’s consistent size does contribute to the business’s expansion, but as previously mentioned, this is only one reason among several, including financial viability and maintenance. The tips and standard provided above are curated by playspots after more than 5 years of experience in Indian sports community, none of these standard are based on international rules and regulations, rather they are made to fit the Indian futsal community.

As you step onto the pitch of ownership, embrace the learning curve, adapt to the evolving needs of your turf, and revel in the joy of contributing to the world of football. Whether you’re a seasoned groundskeeper or a newcomer to the world of turf management, your commitment to the game will undoubtedly shape the experiences of those who grace your field.

Giving them an additional 5 minutes after their scheduled time would definitely tempt them to return to your ground.