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PlaySpots is the online portal and mobile app for sports enthusiasts in Kerala, we integrate sports with technology to deliver a comprehensive sporting experience using location intelligence

We are helping facility owners and turf managers ditch their paper diaries and spreadsheets.
With our user-friendly booking manager, spend less time on the phone taking inquiries and watch bookings roll in.
Whatever your size of operation, from one pitch to hundreds we can facilitate your needs.

We empower businesses targeting turf owners in India especially the southern side of India to gain clients through our turfs reservation service and collaborate with our community to increase outreach.

PlaySpots offers various packages for sports venues to help increase their marketing exposure, manage bookings and streamline operations. Secure sports booking software  is also available

play spots
Increase sales and overdo

Get access to the largest active sports community in your specific locality to boost your sales and increase outreach

play spots
Enable foremost reservations and online bookings

Allow your users and members to reserve in advance or pay online to increase court utilization and reduce no-shows

play spots
Court coordinating

Manage court vacancy in real time and reduce your operational overheads via uninterrupted online & offline integration

play spots
Financial and transaction report

Track your sales, utilization and users with ease with easily downloadable tabular data and systemized graphs

play spots
Real time alerts and notifications

Enable instant user and administrator alerts via sms and email for bookings and cancellations

play spots
Invoices & billing integration

Bring out invoices and authentication receipts with printer integration and multiple page-format support

play spots
Simple and straightforward pricing policy

We charge zero for the subscription of our software. We may charge a nominal amount as service charge for the transactions that the users make through our platform.

play spots
Loyalty programme and discount vouchers

Generate discount vouchers for specific users/members and run a reward/loyalty programme to incentivize repeat visits

play spots
Promote your turfs to the relevant audience

Drive promotions through featured listings, content marketing, newsletters, app notifications and banner ads