Hourly Based Gym Booking in Alappuzha

By Playspots Oct 25, 2021

   Staying fit is not so easy. You need a lot of time to exercise and a healthy diet preparatory. And taking time for this work is a bit difficult in today’s busy life.  So more people are thinking about hourly-based booking than a long membership to play in their free time. Here we listed some of the available hourly based gyms in Alappuzha

Alleppey Gym

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Alleppey Gym Opposite traffic police station, Vellakkinar is one of the best gym in Alappuzha. This fitness center offers you a high-quality place with facilities like washroom, purified water, and changing room.You can now book this through playspotsapp.

Noor International A/C Gym

Noor International A/C Gym, Kaichoondi, Alappuzha , Alappuzha

The Noor International A/C Gym is situated in Kaichoondi is considered one of the most popular fitness center in Alappuzha. This facility is open to all capabilities with access to dressing room,purified water and washroom. You can book this court in advance via playspots