India and it’s Volleyball Legacy

By Playspots Feb 7, 2022

Indian Volleyball has a lot to narrate as it has been one of the most prominent games which united the sport culture in our country in many ways. So let’s start to narrate it right from the beginning itself.

Exactly speaking, the game of volleyball was brought to India when few Physical Education teachers from abroad came to India back in 1930s. Along with other games, volleyball was also a foremost game trained by them. Majorly speaking it was the southern part of India which started to take into a serious one. Physical Education Colleges such as Y.M.C.A Madras thought to give a professional enhancement to the game and started to get trained in such a manner. Interstate volleyball championships were hosted by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) in 1936 and that can be considered as a formal play of the game in Pre Independent period. Since the game played and trained in many P.E colleges and related areas, the game started to gain a solid footing in the country and travelled beyond the states of the independent India.

Formation of Indian Volleyball Federation (IVF)
A professional authority was highly in need to uplift the game in India and that came into reality when Indian Volleyball Federation (IVF) was formed lately in 1951. Since then IVF monitored and controlled the game in India and it’s first official meeting was held in Ludhiana, Punjab. With the formation of IVF, Indian Volleyball started to join the bandwagon to take part in World Championships, Asian Games, Asian Championship, Commonwealth Championship and many other International Tournaments which were held both in India and abroad.
While looking at the global phenomena happened back in 1970’s, volleyball was gaining a tremendous popularity in different regions which apparently delivered the birth of league matches and the formation of clubs coherently. IVF too started to have an eye on this and move ahead to promote club volleyball. With respect to the promotion, IVF initiated National Volleyball League Club Championship which helped the game to sustain a solid base in India. Such championships helped the nation discover several talents who went on to play with great distinction for the Indian volleyball team.

Indian Volley failing to meet the expectations
Indian Volley both men’s and women’s team dominated South Asian Federation Cups during the late nineties. Team bagged 3 medals each which further expect to perform well for the rest. Unfortunately Indian Volley couldn’t mark a consistency in the performance later on when it’s coming to championships such as Commonwealth Championships, Asian Games and other international events. India was destined to finish Asian Games 2018 in 12th position. The women’s Indian volleyball team too could not create much impact at the Asian level, as it only qualified for the 2010 Asian Games after its first appearance in 1982.

Major Achievements
• 1st position in Asian Tournament held in Tokyo in 1955.
• 3rd position in Asian Games held in Tokyo in 1958
• 2nd position in Asian Games held in Djakarta in 1962
• 3rd position in Pre-World held in HongKong in 1976
• 3rd position in Asian Games held in Seol in 1986
• Bagged the title in SAF Games held in Calcutta in 1987
• 2nd position in SAF Games held in Pakistan in 1989
• Women’s bagged 1st and Men’s bagged 2nd positions in SAF Games
of 1993
• Semi-finalist of Asian Games 2010 held in Guangzhou

Recent Trends

Prime Volleyball League
Prime Volleyball League is the nation’s leading indoor volleyball league hosted by Rupay and powered by A23 which represents more than hundred professional players both national and international. PVL (Prime Volleyball League) is a franchise based volleyball league where 7 teams represent India’s 7 cities and are owned by different private individuals. In short PVL does what IPL and ISL does to the sport ecosystem in India. The second edition of PVL is all set to spike in Hyderabad at 7th of Feb 2022.

Revolutionising the game through hour-based booking
People love to play volleyball and is keenly looking for a good spot or space to show some moves. Eventually turfs have come to our natives to book a venue and play games like cricket or football for one or more