Mohammad Habib Indian Football Legend

By Playspots Aug 17, 2023

The world of Indian football is in mourning as it bids farewell to a true icon, Mohammed Habib. After a struggle with dementia and Parkinson’s syndrome, Habib passed away at 74, but his remarkable legacy will forever be engraved in Indian football history.

Captain Mohammed Habib’s Football Journey: A Legacy of Excellence and Legendary Encounters

Mohammed Habib Represented India in numerous international tournaments from 1965 to 1976. Habib’s legendary football career earned him the title of India’s first “true professional” player. In the face of numerous job offers that poured in due to his remarkable on-field heroics, Habib stood resolute, opting to remain loyal to his craft. It was this steadfast dedication that led him to embrace a coaching role at the prestigious Tata Football Academy (TFA). Later, he extended his influential presence as the chief coach of the Indian Football Association academy located in the vibrant town of Haldia. His career not only epitomized the essence of professionalism but also continues to inspire generations to come. He considered the sport more than just a job; he regarded it as his ultimate calling.

Crowning Moments:

Habib’s career was notably enriched during the 1977 match against Cosmos Club, featuring Pele. His performance was a standout among the greats, and Habib remarked that it would remain one of his greatest moments. Pele even appreciated his performance, hugging him and extending his best wishes at the end of the match.

  • Arjuna Award: 1980
  • Santosh Trophy: 1969 (Top scorer with 11 goals)
  • IFA Shield: 1978–79, 1970, 1974
  • Federation Cup: 1980–81
  • Asian Games Bronze Medal: 1970
  • Merdeka Tournament, third place: 1970
  • Pesta Sukan Cup (Singapore): 1971
  • East Bengal “Bharat Gaurav Award”: 2015
  • Banga Bibhushan: 2018 (by the Government of West Bengal)

Habib’s accomplishments speak volumes about his dedication and skill.He secured the Santosh Trophy top scorer title in 1969 with an impressive tally of 11 goals, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess. The Asian Games of 1970 saw Habib contribute to India’s success as the team clinched the Bronze Medal.

Throughout his career, Habib’s association with renowned tournaments led to remarkable triumphs. He claimed victory in the prestigious IFA Shield in both 1970 and 1974, a testament to his consistency and impact on the field. The Federation Cup of 1980–81 further solidified his status as a football legend.

In the Merdeka Tournament of 1970, he played a pivotal role in securing a commendable third-place finish for India, showcasing the nation’s footballing prowess on the global stage.
His dedication and excellence led to his being honored with the Arjuna Award in 1980, a recognition of his outstanding contributions to Indian football.

As we look back on his achievements, we remember him not only as a remarkable footballer but also as a symbol of the heights that can be reached through dedication and passion for the sport. His legacy continues to inspire football enthusiasts and athletes across the country.