Pay Per Hour Turfs Booking In Thoothukudi

By Playspots Jun 10, 2022

Out in the ground, below the blue sky and with your favorite sports gear, you can play in these grounds bringing back your health and aim at improving your stamina. Pump the adrenalin and feel the challenge. Take on your opponents and prove your mettle. All you need to do is grab some mates or come along by yourself and get involved. So pick a sport and Join the fun!

Staying fit is not so easy. You need a lot of time to exercise and a healthy diet preparatory. And taking time for this work is a bit difficult in today’s busy life.  So more people are thinking about pay per hour booking than a long membership to play in their free time. Here we listed some of the turfs based on pay per hour booking.

ARC – Arshath Recreation Club Football & Cricket Turf, Bypass road, Kayalpattinam, Thoothukudi.

Arshath Recreation Club provides badminton,cricket & football,its the largest football ground in Thoothukudi, its a 7-a-side pitch dimensions can also vary, but the recommended size is 60 x 40 yards (55 x 36.5m) And The badminton court is rectangular and is cut into two parts through a partition, a badminton net. The length is the court is 13.4m, and its width is 6.1m. For singles game, the width is marked a little less than usual, at 5.18m. distinguishing lines in white or yellow color is drawn to mark the boundary of the court.People can easily book through Playspots app.

MSD Football Turf, KTC Nagar, Pandarampatti, Thoothukudi

MSD football turf in Thoothukudi is a 5-a side turf in Pandarampatti, Thoothukudi.Its high quality FIFA preferred football turf with FIFA standards with minimum 45x90m and maximum 90x120m dimensions.MSD football turf is near by ktc nagar in thoothukudi.People can easily book their slots on Playspots app and get offers on every booking.

Wavoo Sports Academy & Recreation,Odakkarai, Kayalpattinam,Thoothukudi

Wavoo Sports Academy & Recreation provides Cricket pitch and Tennis court outdoor. Its a best and premium sports academy in thoothukudi. Academy is in Odakkarai, Kayalpattinam in Thoothukudi district. Outdoor sports activities for cricket practice nets with bowling machine & manual and Tennis clay court,The Tennis court is 23.77m long and for singles matches, 8.23m wide. For doubles matches the court is 10.97m wide. The court is divided into two equal areas by a net suspended by a cord or metal cable attached to two net posts. The net is 1.07m high and is fully extended to that it fills the space between the two nets posts.People can easily book through playspots app and get offers on every bookings.