By Playspots Nov 2, 2018

Though the north Kerala region or Malabar, known as the mecca of football in Kerala, home to some of the most diehard fans of the game

Literally, everyone in Malabar plays football. They play a format of football called Sevens — the name is borne from the restriction to field only seven players in each side to make the game more gripping — popular alongside in Kerala. The duration of the game is only one hour and is played on a smaller ground than what the rules mandate. The game is played usually in turfs under the floodlights. In the evening, all the grounds reverberate with sounds of soccer boots kicking the ball.

Youngsters in Kerala now soaked in the trend of commercial playing fields, the playing area in the sprawling shopping mall or center of the city has attracted many youngsters to the sports. New football academies and Turfs are sprouting up in Malabar to nurture budding talents., with all facility needed for the players.there is around 30 commercial turfs in Calicut and Malappuram and many in progress.

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