Playspots Expansion In Arunachal Pradesh

By Playspots Jul 19, 2022

Arunachal Pradesh, nicknamed the “Orchid State of India”, is the largest of the ‘Seven Sisters’ and is home to 26 major tribes and 100 sub-tribes. This state of diverse culture and tradition also has a wide variety of unique, local sports. Arunachal Pradesh, being a mountainous state, is unsuitable for sports played on plain. But this hasn’t stopped them from being invested in various kinds of sports.
Unlike other states of India, the hilly terrain of Arunachal Pradesh provides a scope for many adventurous sports, like river rafting, mountaineering, trekking, camping, fishing and angling. Archery is also a prominent sport of Arunachal Pradesh. It is not only an important sport but people look upon it as a part of their culture. Some of the local, traditional sports of this unique state includes Hole Taso Dukanaram (a game which involves the imitation of an animal called Hole Taso), Hinam Turnam (a game in which participants assume the role of the hunter and the hunted in the forest) and Porok – Pamin Sinam.

Football has also gained popularity in Arunachal Pradesh. The Arunachal Pradesh Football Association is the governing body of football activities here. The advent of the Arunachal
Super League in 2017, has definitely made football a much favourite sport for the youth here. This was the first ever league tournament in Arunachal Pradesh, and the love and popularity for football has only gone uphill since then. Often addressed as the ‘Pathfinder of Sports’ in Arunachal, Chow Indrajit Namchoom is the perfect example of the rising passion for football in the state.

The number of turfs and sports venues in Arunachal Pradesh has also increased in recent years. This brings us to our next exciting achievement and announcement; Playspots is launching our services into Arunachal Pradesh soon, giving an opportunity for the players and sports lovers of the state to expand their horizon, get more exposure and to grow and excel in sports.

Below you can find a list of some of Arunachal Pradesh’s best sporting venues to get your game on. You can book these grounds online through the leading sports ground managing & booking application ‘playspots’.

G Arena Football Turf

If you are looking for a perfect place for friendly matches with your friends or a competitive match, Garena, Bage Tinali, Near Bage petrol pump in Papum Pare, Itanagar is one of the best football turf. Its a 7a side football turf is located in capital of Arunachal Pradesh. This venue offers you a high quality artificial pitch with facilities like washroom, Cafeteria, Parking etc here. You can easily book your slots through playspots app and get offers on every bookings.

Més Que Football Arena

Més Que Football Arena, Niti Vihar, Itanagar, Papum Pare is in Arunachal Pradesh, top north-east state of India. People Itanagar love playing football. Now People in Arunachal can book their favorite sports grounds through playspots app.

TY & D Turf

TY & D Turf, MLA Colony, Itanagar, Papum Pare, Arunachal Pradesh is one of the finest football turf in Itanagar. Ty & D turf provide better amenities like washroom, parking, dressing room etc. People can easily book slots using playspots app and get many offers on every booking.


NEFTU Arena, Near NEFTU University, Aalo is in the district of West Siang of Arunachal Pradesh. Aalo is a small town, here many football fans are daily enjoying their weekends in grounds. People in Aalo now can easily book their slots at the best price using playspots app. Also they can redeem welcome offer while their first bookings. NEFTU Arena Provide best Amenities like Washroom, shower, Restroom & Purified Water.

BB Football Arena

BB Football Arena, Near General Hospital, Aalo, West Siang Of Arunachal Pradesh in North East. West siang is a small district in Arunachal. People in West Siang are best in sports so Playspots expanded there and within short span of time two thousands of people are depending our app to book sports arena. Playspots offers best price with offers so people can easily find and book their nearby venues easily.

Farmhouse Futsal

Farmhouse Futsal, Yeggo, Aalo, West Siang Of Arunachal Pradesh in North East. West Siang peoples are best in sports. So Playspots are well done expanded in North of India. People in Playspots can easily book their slots at best price in Yeggo.