Playspots Expansion In Guwahati of Assam

By Playspots Jul 26, 2022

Assam, like most other states of the ’Seven Sisters’, has been showing considerable determination and passion towards the field of sports, resulting in the recent rise in the sports culture in this state. Constituting only approximately 4 crore people, this beautiful state has displayed their love for sports, especially in football, in a way that has taken the country by surprise.
The state has a long and fruitful relationship with football as it has its own football association. The Assam Football Association is one of the 36 Indian State Football Associations and it was founded in 1951. The football pyramid in Assam has two state leagues which are followed by many district leagues. The two state-level leagues are the Assam Premier League and the Assam Club Championship; they also have several district leagues.
The passion and craze for sports is so strong in this state, that two brothers, Udipta Sarma and Sudipta Sarma launched the first sports management company in Guwahati called Skylark Sportz. This is one of the many amazing achievements of Assam, that exhibits the true love the youth of this state has for sports. Some iconic sports-persons from Assam include Hima Das (athletics), Shiva Thapa (boxing), Kavita Devi (fencing), Ashmita Chaliha (badminton), Shivangi Sharma (swimming) and many more.
Such scalable potential should not go unnoticed or unacknowledged. This brings us to the much awaited news; Playspots will soon be launching our services in Guwahati of Assam too, providing players and sports lovers with better opportunities and lots of support from our side. It is our honour and pleasure to be able to motivate our players through the services we have to offer.

Below you can find a list of some of Assam’s best sporting venues to get your game on. You can book these grounds online through the leading sports ground managing & booking application ‘playspots’.

Arizona Sports Arena

Arizona Sports Arena, opp. Skoda Showroom, Borbari , Guwahati in Assam. Arizona is a 7’s football turf. This turf attracts a large number of people with its good quality and high facilities. They provide amenities like parking, washroom, purified water etc. Can book & host slots through playspots app.

Arena 28, Guwahati

Arena 28, Adjacent to Vijaya Enclave, Lakhimi Path, Beltola , Guwahati in Assam. Arena 28 football turf is the best-suited place for all sports enthusiasts. It considered itself to be the best 7’s football ground. They provide facilities like bibs, parking, washroom etc. Book and host matches through Playspots app.

Game On Arena, Guwahati

Game On Arena, Lalmati, Gyan path, opp. hockey Stadium, Guwahati is the best football & cricket turf. People in Guwahati can easily book their slots nearby at best price through playspots app. Sports booking in Guwahati is now simple easy. People can save money while booking in playspots app.

Prasujya Sports Arena, Guwahati

Prasujya Sports Arena, Tarun Nagar, Guwahati is the finest turf for cricket and football in Assam.

PlayAir Sports Turf

PlayAir Sports Turf, AT Road, Chatribari, Guwahati of Assam is the best ground in Assam. People in Assam can easily book their slots at best price in Assam with offers.