Playspots Expansion In Manipur

By Playspots Jul 7, 2022

In a country of approximately 138 crore people, the small state of Manipur, with only a population of about 29 lakhs, stands tall for its athletes, rich cultural heritage and its love for football. Having produced hoards of astonishing sportsmen, Olympians and iconic athletes, this tiny state has acquired the title of the “mini powerhouse of sports in India”.

Manipur contributed 8 players to the 21-member Indian team that played in the FIFA U-17 World Cup. Former experts and players say the two key reasons for the state’s success in football are the natural sports talent the people here have and the deep craze for football, which has resulted in football being a part of their daily life.

Their love and passion for football is very evident in the players of Manipur. Apart from football, this state also has many more local sports that have helped in shaping their sportsmen; a few of them being Mukna Kangjei (a local version of hockey), Sagol Kangjei (Polo), Mukna (Wrestling) and Thang Ta (traditional Martial arts of Manipur).

Our motto being to motivate and provide a platform for talented sportsmen to rise, Playspots have already been offering our services to the state of Manipur for about a year now. Recently, the number of sports venues here have majorly increased because of their pounding sports culture and unwavering love for football. Thus, we are going to expand more into the state, providing much more opportunities and bigger support to the sports culture arising in Manipur.

Hola sportsmen!! We have been operating in Manipur for a year now, and we are happy to proclaim that Playspots will be expanding our services further into the state!!

Below you can find a list of some of Manipur’s best sporting venues to get your game on. You can book these grounds online through the leading sports ground managing & booking application ‘playspots’.

Soccer City,Imphal

Soccer City, Haotal, Pangei Near Sainik School , Imphal

Soccer City 7’s football turf in Haotal, Pangei, near Sainik School , Imphal. This venue offers you a high quality artificial place for football. People can easily book their slots through playspots app and get offers on bookings.

KK Football Turf

KK Football Turf, Meitram, Airport Road, Opp.Bust stand , Imphal

KK Football Turf, Meitram, Airport Road, Opp.Bust stand , Imphal is the 7’s turf in Manipur. Manipur’s favourite sports is football so all around the place have many sports grounds like kk Football turf, Also this turf attracts a large number of people with its good quality and high facilities. Now its available on Playspotsapp.

9SN Turf

9SN Turf, S. Toljang , Churachandpur is the 9a side Football turf in Manipur. Turf offers amenities like parking, washroom & purified water. 9SN is the one of the best turf provide 9a side football. You can now book through Playspots app.

POLOI 7s Football Turf

POLOI, Chingarel Tejpur, Ukhrul Road, Imphal East , Imphal

Poloi 7s Football Turf in Chingarel Tejpur, Ukhrul Road, Imphal East , Imphal. Imphal is the main football city in manipur there are so many football turfs imphal is in Playspots app.Poloi provide amenities like Bibs, Gallery, Jersey, CCTV, Shower and Restaurants

Hiyai Turf

Hiyai Turf, Achanbigei , Imphal

Hiyai Turf, Achanbigei , Imphal in manipur offers 5a,6a and 7a side football turf. Hiyai Turf is one of the best football turf provide amenities like Parking, First aid and Washroom. Imphal is one of the few in the city that perfectly offer best football ground. You can choose & book either 5’s, 6’s or 9’s football turf online through Playspotsapp.

KAGO Football Turf

KAGO, Ghari, airport road, opposite Mahindra showroom, Imphal west , Imphal

Book KAGO, Ghari, airport road, opposite Mahindra showroom, Imphal west , Imphal is now available. Kago football turf is FIFA accredited football turf in Manipur, Provide amenities like Parking, Cafeteria, Washroom.

Thoi Football Arena

Thoi Football Arena, Imphal

Thoi Football Arena is in Samaram Road, Near Khongjom War Memorial Gate, Lamkhai, Imphal is one of the best Ground available in Playspots. You can easily book slots through app and get cashbacks and offers on every bookings.

Play 7 Football Turf

Play 7 Football Turf,Imphal

Play 7 Football Turf, Kwakeithel Mayaikoibi , Imphal West , Imphal.Play 7 provide best amenities like Bibs, CCTV, Cafeteria, Dressing Room, Drinking Water, Fitness Training, Gallery, Shower, Washroom, Wifi, Yoga. It’s one of the best football turf in Manipur is available on Playspots app.

Vision Turf

Vision Turf, Rengkai, Muolhlum , Churachandpur

Vision Turf, Rengkai, Muolhlum , Churachandpur is FIFA accredited 7’s Football turf in Manipur.They provide best amenities in Parking, First aid, Washroom.Vison football turf is now available on Playspots app.