Sports Ground Booking In Kollam

By Playspots Sep 16, 2021

It’s a well known incontrovertible fact that Indians love sports, they love to play as much as they love to watch matches.Until a while ago the problem for some is that there are not enough opportunities to play but nowadays that all changed, numerous football turfs,badminton courts,cricket pitches etc, are now being built everywhere for those who love sports.The sports grounds in Kollam are the good example of this, lots of well-facilitated artificial grounds are there, to link aspiring sports people with these grounds you can use the leading turf booking application ‘playspots’. Through this, it will be possible to find your nearby favorite turfs, check the availability,apply discount coupons and book in advance with a few clicks.Here we listed some of the available sports grounds in Kollam on playspots.

Taurus Sports Club,Taluk Kachery,Badminton Court Kollam

Taurus Sports Club is situated in Taluk Kachery,and considered one of the most popular sports ground in Kollam. It offers a badminton court and football turf with facilities like washroom,shower,and purified water.

We One Indoor Court,Koonayil,Paravur,Badminton court Malayankulam   Kollam

If you  are looking for a perfect place for friendly matches with your friends or a competitive match, We One Indoor Court is the best place. You can now book We One Indoor Court through playspots app. We One Indoor Court is located in  Koonayil, Kollam.

Soccerz Sports Hub, Football Turf Booking Vadakkevila,Kollam

Soccerz Sports Hub, Football Turf Booking Vadakkevila,Kollam is another fantastic option for football players based in the heart of Kollam. This venue offers you high quality football turfs  with facilities like washroom, purified water etc. 

The Sevens Arena, Near Canossa School, Karunagapally, Kollam

The Sevens Arena is situated near Canossa school, Karunagapally, Kollam. This sports center might have been built specifically for football and cricket with facilities like locker,purified water,washroom and parking.

Mfip Sports,Ayathil turf,Soccer ground Kollam

An artificial football turf with facilities like parking, purified water and  washroom is now open at Ayathil,Kollam. If you are wishing to play Football then Mfip Sports,Ayathil turf,Soccer ground Kollam is the best suited place for you.